Alisa Makruk , อลิสา หมากรุกไทย

Alisa is world champion Makruk (Thai chess) AI 2016. The strongest Makruk AI in the world!!
Right now no human can beat Alisa (Master level). She is stronger than humankind.
Alisa 2.0 Now available on Web, Android and PC!!

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Alisa For Web v0.27 (Work in progress)

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About Makruk

Makruk or Thai chess, is a board game descended from the 6th-century Indian game of chaturanga or a close relative thereof, and therefore related to chess. It is regarded as the most similar living game to this common ancestor of all chess variants.

According to former world chess champion Vladimir Kramnik, "Makruk Thai is more strategic than international chess. You have to plan your operations with total care since Makruk Thai can be compared to an anticipated endgame of International Chess."

The variety of chess played in Cambodia, called "Ok" (Khmer: អុក) or "Ouk Chatrang"is virtually identical to Makruk, with a couple of minor differences.

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